The word "Alchemy" comes to mind when one best describes the action of Flower Essences. Alchemy, an ancient chemical science, had the grand aim of converting base metals into gold. This power of transforming the common into precious is precisely what Flower Essences do, as their primary action is to raise consciousness from base to higher levels. Very simply, taking Flower Essences helps us flower. We are at our strongest and most powerful when we are truly ourselves, and nature can bring that reconnection. Defined as liquid, potentized preparations, each carrying a distinct imprint of the character of a particular flower, Flower Essences are being recognized today as a unique, natural, holistic modality that can open us to choices more closely aligned with our inner spirit or soul. To achieve optimum healing, a modality needs to address more than one's physical aspect. The mental, emotional and spiritual aspects also need consideration. Flower Essences fulfill this requirement and are experienced by people as Soul nourishment.

As far back as in the 1930's, Dr Edward Bach, a sensitive and learned physician in England, presented the view that disease was impossible - unless one was not in harmony with one's true nature. He also was of the opinion that solutions to ill health lay "not in the laboratory and artificial drugs, but in nature, among trees, plants and herbs of the field".

A keen observer of people and of nature, he followed his theories by making discoveries through careful observation of the physical characteristics of plants, and research into their herbal history and lore. Using intuitive methods such as meditation and plant attunement, Dr Bach recognized the presence of an inherent, original, energy pattern in each living plant. Realizing that "dew" on those plants could capture and hold those qualities too, he developed Flower Essences in order to transform our energy field and restore inner balance.

Dr Bach's 38 original flower remedies and his formulated Rescue Remedy, a combination of five of his essences for the relief and release of trauma, are now used worldwide. Since his work became recognized, individuals in other countries have been inspired to explore the healing qualities of their flower kingdoms. Thousands more Flower essences are now being offered and utilized for health and life enhancement. See Sources.

Presently this healing modality is widely used by medical and holistic healthcare practitioners, as well as lay people. In Mind/Body studies it is now known that emotions affect the nervous system function, hormone levels, as well as the immune response. When these areas are out of balance one is more easily susceptible to organic dysfunction. Early life's traumatic experiences can be the source of deep disturbances causing chemical imbalances that wreak havoc with our moods and relationships. Just as negative emotions detract from our wholeness and cause us to LOSE energy, releasing or transforming these emotions achieves the opposite, an INCREASE in wholeness, resilience and available energy.


Flower Essences are individually prepared in their natural environment in a quiet and meditative atmosphere. The wildflowers are picked at the peak of their blooming cycle. For optimum potential, attention is also paid to the ideal season, moon phase and the time of day. Four Elements are involved, and the plant's spirits are asked in prayer to supply the fifth element, the gift of transference of the plant's energies to the water. A clear, crystal bowl, filled with spring WATER, is placed on the EARTH in the fresh morning AIR. The opening blooms are picked and placed in the water until the bowl is full. Left for several hours in the morning sun [FIRE], the blossoms fade, transmitting their energy to the water. The flowers are then carefully removed from the bowl, leaving the water clear of any plant material. This ''mother tincture" is preserved with alcohol [or vinegar] and diluted and shaken rhythmically twice before being taken in dosage form. Some essences are made without even damage to the plant, which is carefully arranged to lie in the bowl of water. In cold countries where there is little fire element from the sun, essences can be prepared using a boiling method.


  Gem Essences are prepared similarly, with the cleaned gemstone placed in a bowl of fresh spring water for several hours in the sun to allow the energies of the stone or mineral to be carried into the water. The material gemstone is then removed, the tincture preserved and diluted similarly to the Flower Essence method.



  Flower Essences are safe to use for all, including small children, the elderly, people with allergies and even pets. Flower Essences have no aroma or taste. They are normally taken in the form of drops under the tongue, in a beverage, as a spray or in your bath.