http://www.FlowerEssenceMagazine.com or http://www.essences.com/vibration just celebrated its 9th anniversary and the June 2007 edition's theme, Nature-Centered Wisdom, taps into the ancient connections between people and plants, animals, or even sacred sites so that these forces of nature can communicate their holy and healing purposes.  The authors in this exciting collection range from botanists who study sacred plants of indigenous cultures, to shamanic practitioners, to essence makers. I was delighted that the editor decided to include an article from me in that important issue: "Connecting with My Roots: Flower Essences from South Africa" Here's the link

Looking More Deeply into the Shasta Daisy
By Patricia Meyer

"SOUTH AFRICA: There is a robust community of essence people in South Africa and we would love to include them in Vibration if they would send us articles. Cheating just a bit, we cite Patricia Meyer who lives in the US but who was born in South Africa and travels back there every year to revisit her roots, teach about the essences, and to make the occasional essence from a native plant".
Here are two Vibration articles that featured particularly for helping children:

Pink Roses for the Back to School Blues

Another Bunch of Essences for Happier Children

Helping Children with Attention Deficit Through Flower Essence Therapy

by Patricia Meyer and Andrea Shor      (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

Published by the Flower Essence Society in Summer 1995 Newsletter

ANDREA SHOR: Peninsula Educational Services, San Mateo, CA since 1981. Adults & Children. Also see LINK to article written with Andrea:
"Helping Children with Attention Deficit Disorder through Flower Essence Therapy"


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MARTA WILLIAMS - Author and Animal Communicator. Get help with behavior problems, ill and dying animals, and other animal issues using intuitive communication. Workshops in US and abroad. Consultations by phone, Skype, email.

Aum Himalay Sanjeevini Essences

Patricia Meyer represents a United States resource for Environmental Protection Devices and Flower Essences from Drs. Atul and Rupa Shah in Mumbai, India.


Alaskan Flower Essence Project. Practitioner's Corner, January 2009
"My Life as a Flower Essence Practitioner"